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  • EDi by Darlene

The Light of Spirituality

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

When presenting my art, I am often asked from where I receive inspiration. I can only answer that I am inspired by life. My journey in this life has not always been easy. In many areas, I allowed the fears in my mind to push me around and limit future experiences. When asked if there is a God? My response is, “I do not know.” However, I do know that I am a spiritual seeker, and I am impressed with my ability to embrace and remain open to new experiences. There is a creator, a creator within me, a creator who is limitless, has no boundaries, and embodies both masculine and feminine energies. As a spiritual seeker, I move towards balancing the polarity of these two energies as an important evolution of my spiritual growth.

This realization came to me as I created The Light, a black and white rendering that combines masculine and feminine energies set against a background of negative space. To understand this relationship, I observed and came to appreciate the polarity nature of the universe that flows through everything and everyone: sun and moon, male and female, day and night, etc. However, finding the balance of these two limitless energies remains a challenge.

The Light was channeled through me as an artistic piece that began as a photograph of a man dressed in a masquerader outfit performing a dance with outward stretched arms. As I contemplated and edited the photograph, the image began to transform from an outward stretched arm draped in red, yellow, green, and white cloth, to the revelation of black and white masculine energy projecting outward like a straight line, a consequence of its giving nature to be matched by feminine energy which is cyclical in nature, nurturing as the energy of faith, trust, and manifestation. Both are combined in one form, a spirit, standing atop a global world, offering Namaste, a greeting of respect and reverence, to the Universe.

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